To Whiten or Not to Whiten? What is the Best Grants Pass Dentistry Option for Your Teeth?

Would you consider teeth whitening to be safe? Many wish that their smiles were whiter than white. The question they are struggling with is whether they are at risk with teeth whitening procedures. What would a dentist Grants Pass OrĀ say about this?

Luckily, teeth whitening techniques have been around for yonkers and overall its seen as safe. Having said that, there are still some factors that require your personal attention once you decide on starting treatment, whether at the dentist’s office or at home.

Should I Whiten My Teeth or Not?

Just take a good look around you, and you will soon notice that just about everyone has stained teeth. Numerous lifestyle factors work against our resolve to maintain white teeth.

Let’s examine some of the daily habits that stand in the way of obtaining white teeth:

  • Drinking tea, coffee, or any other dark liquid will leave our teeth stained.
  • Using tobacco products that contain tar or smoking cigarettes.
  • Not brushing our teeth or falling into the trap of skimping on how long we brush our teeth.
  • Tooth injury or trauma.
  • Things like dental fluorosis may also result in staining issues and the use of tetracycline antibiotics from young.

Regardless of the reason why our teeth remain stained, at one point or another, you may start thinking about using a teeth whitening treatment to help whiten your smile. It is very reassuring to know that there is hardly any harm with stained teeth as long as they are free from cavities and the gums are healthy, you will be fine.

It all depends on your particular preferences and how you picture your smile as to whether you will opt for teeth whitening or not. Your Grants Pass dental specialist cannot make this decision for you. However, they can assure you that it is safe to do so.

Evaluate Your Treatment Options

From the moment you made up your mind to go ahead with teeth whitening treatment, your next step is when the best time would be to pay a visit to your Grants Pass dentist expert. You may want to try an at-home solution. The difference between the various options is how much bleaching agent you’ll need.

As you may very well imagine, professionals in the dentistry industry are adequately skilled in the use of higher concentrations of peroxide to whiten your teeth as opposed to the at-home whitening kits available these days. We can tell you that most folks would settle for the higher dose option that is administered by dental professionals. This way, the person concerned can rest easy as they will be confident in the professional’s ability to render a safer treatment.

Should you opt for an at-home whitening procedure, there are numerous products available on the market to make your selection from. Each of these comes with specific requirements regarding how often one should apply the whitener and just how long it should remain on your teeth.

Irrespective of which product you choose, ensure you follow the specific directions on the given package with care. This way your safety is guaranteed while you get the most benefit out of the at-home whitening product.

Other Considerations That Require Your Attention

While the ADA (American Dental Association) considers most teeth whiteners safe, it is usually not advisable for pregnant women or nursing mothers to use these. They should instead consult their physician for safe alternatives.

Teeth whiteners, whether it be at home or professionally applied, may increase one’s sensitivity to cold and hot temperatures. However, this can usually be managed quite successfully through the use of toothpaste that was specially designed for sensitive teeth. Another alternative would be over-the-counter pain relievers.

If you are unsure whether something in your dental history would stand in the way of making use of teeth whitening procedures, the best thing to do is ask your dentist in Grants Pass. They will never sneer at any question you pose or view it as trivial.

Allen Creek Dental will assist in helping you decide whether teeth whitening is right for you or not. They will discuss the right approach for your particular circumstances so you may get the smile you were looking for.