Have You Ever Thought Owning Used Trucks?

Amazingly, Old Man Emu always invent something new. Most used trucks Grants Pass owners should be aware of the release of the great BP-51 suspension that made its debut as a revolutionary new product, featuring among others, adjustable bypass technology. Pre-owned truck owners, involved in various off-road racing events were particularly impressed with the ultimate ride performance they experienced over many rough terrains thanks to the innovative approach shown by Old Man Emu suspension experts with their BP-51 shocks and coil overs.

You only have to conduct business with used truck dealerships in Grants Pass to realize the benefit of having BP-51 suspension systems fitted. Due to the popularity of this racing technology that is suitable to various applications, they may only have limited stock, so you need to hurry if you want high-quality shocks like these. Besides, top quality suspension units like these are independently adjustable for both compression and rebound purposes.

What is more, suspension systems like these are hard anodized to take you over all sorts of rough terrains without any hiccups. Best of all, high-quality units like these are proudly brought to you ARB.

When it comes to any type of suspension system, most used truck owners would regard it as extremely complicated. Especially as far as four-wheel drives are concerned. Weight issues happen to be the most prominent factor.

Steering Stabilizers

Dealerships highly recommended Old Man Emu four-wheel drive suspension range and steering stabilizers, which are in place to minimize the overall effects of wheel vibrations while improving the control and handling aspects of your vehicle. Also, these will reduce excessive rotation of your truck’s steering wheel while going over all types of rough roads without having an impact on the wheel return. How cool is that?

Torsion Bars

What also makes a massive difference to a truck owner’s riding performance would be torsion bars as they are specially formulated for this purpose. At the same time, the torsion bars serves to maintain maximum wheel travel. These work best when they are fitted together with leaf and coil springs by the same brand (Old Man Emu), placed to the rear of your truck with the proper springs and bars that were carefully matched to function with top quality 4WD shocks.

What sets the torsion bars by OME apart from any other is that they are made from a premium type spring steel coated with a resilient powder coating to serve as protection against any kind of corrosion. What is more, the dropped forged ends ensure optimal strength regardless of the road conditions.

OME goes one step further with their torsion bars by ensuring it is tempered and hardened to exact specifications thereby guaranteeing improved performance. Also, these are preset to provide there is little to no sagging while it increases the life cycle.

Another technologically advanced factor loved by used trucks owners who chose to make use of Old Man Emu products are the genius insight shown through the introduction of greaseable shackles. There are times when reputable suppliers such as Wheelers Off Road would suggest the fitment of Emu Dakar Leaf springs in addition to having state of the art 4WD suspension system fitted. However, the spring bushes that accompanies it will require periodic lubrication so it can last longer. Luckily, OME caters for this need by incorporating greaseable pins and shackles into their design without needing to bother to remove it. Truckers are incredibly grateful for this as it saves them a lot of precious time and effort.

Some customers would contact local suppliers and state that the newly installed shock absorbers do not operate at full capacity. On further investigation, the expert technical team at the Grants Pass branch discovered that the truck owner who called in did not give consideration to the fact that a good set of shock absorbers will not perform miracles if it has to work in conjunction with bad springs. Due to this, the life expectancy of the shocks will be considerably shortened and even reduce the overall ride and handling quality.

As a leader in off-road technology since the year 1999, the team at used cars Grants Pass Oregon http://usedcarsgrantspassoregon.com would patiently explain what needs to be done to rectify the situation. After a bit of negotiation, they may offer an additional discount to have a new set of springs sent over as a solution to their suspension issue.